Friday, 2 July 2010

Kilas visit

Kiri, our daughter, is here in Riyadh for 2 and a bit weeks.  She has started a blog to let people know what she has been up to.  You can find it here at

It is nice to have her company and I think she is having a good time.  Not in an outrageous night club fashion, because there are no nightclubs here.  But we try are introducing her to Saudi life a bit at a time. 

She has learnt, in her first 3 or 4 days, how to put on the shayla (head scarf) and is perfectly happy donning the abaya when we go out.  I believe she's adjusting to the heat -I'm always checking she's drinking enough water.  According to the nurses dehydration creeps up on you and knocks you for six - and she spent a whole day in bed getting over most of her jet lag soon after arriving.

On her list of things to do is visiting the numerous shopping malls that abound in Riyad, visiting the Saudi friends I've made who are keen to meet her, and doing anything else that comes along.

She is being put to good use in my English lessons.  My student is 22 years old and was really looking forward to someone around her age coming to talk English with her.  So I get Killa to ask questions, read dictation and other stuff that lets the two of them chat away. 

I'm not sure that Kiri really understands how fortunate she is to be invited into Saudi homes.  I've met so many expats who have been here much longer than me and have never had that privilege.

Anyway, if you'd like to read her thoughts on her trip visit Kilas Saudi Adventure.

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