Friday, 4 June 2010

Head Full of Nonsense.

Glenn often tells me I've got a head full of nonsense.  Here's a few things that crossed my mind June 2nd 2010, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


Crap! I've got Pilates today.

(I recently signed up for Pilates. Only been once. I still hurt.)


One would presume with the free amenities available in Saudi compounds that target fitness, I will leave here slim, trim and looking fabulous. It's depressing seeing exactly the opposite happening.

(Spied my scales in the bathroom after pilates - Get out of here!)


I wonder why more expats living in Saudi Arabia don't learn arabic?
My learning seems to be advancing at a tortoise pace - slow but sure, tho mostly slow.


Are there any poisonous animals in this country??
(No idea why this popped into my head)


Some days I'd really love to go to work.
Thank G*D, that thought doesn't stick around for long.
Though I believe Glenn would prefer that it stuck around and sunk in.


If I was at all imaginative I'd write blogs about the people in our compound but give them all pseudonyms (is that the right word), like Alvah the Evil Arachnid.  And instead of being a compound we'd be an undiscoverd planet or a populated atom on the faceplate of a guitar.....

(Was strumming a few notes on my guitar when the bug man came in to spray the drains.  I'd call him Flat Face Downcast Eyes....freaky kind of guy)


When's the next Salah?  I need to go shopping.  I can stretch out trawling the aisles for two hours.  Is that sad or what??

(Looked in my cupboards. No food).

Why did the computer shop load my laptop with programs I'll never use?? They just take up space that I'd rather fill with music I've downloaded illegally.


Watties tomato sauce, chocolate macaroons, edmonds cook book,  hangi, roast pork, new zealand butter, dandelion coffee, background music in supermarkets, rugby on TV, mums apple pie, real watercress (the creek grown variety)

(Various thoughts of home while shopping and missing Kiwi food and known brands.)


Nino works 15 hour days,  Saed works 16 hour days, Iftika works 16 hour days.  They all get paid crap money.  They are often called names and spoken to like they're shit.  When they get beaten up, stolen from or ripped off they wind up in jail because they aren't one of the natives and 'probably deserved what happened anyway' (according to the natives).  Yet this place, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, is better than their home.

(Saw the maintainence guys - started me thinking about how fortunate I am).


It's Wednesday.  Wednesday night is Friday night.   Thursday and Friday are the weekend.  Friday night is actually Sunday night.  Saturday is the first day of the work week.  Sunday is the first day of the week.

(Still haven't quite aligned my thinking to Wednesday as the end of the work week in Saudi.  Regardless, I wonder what we're doin' this weekend.)


The dark side of the desert - Human rights MIA, religious life from birth - does that make it a choice, blatant racism, excessive money for the few, hypocrisy from the top, sexual frustration for the masses, inflated ego's, knowledgeable ?? (and the odd fanatical) scholars, male domination, rehabilitated but angry religious 'enforcers', hard work ethic largely MIA, handout attitude rife, tender constitutions, patriarchal selfishness rampant, utilitarianism - yeah right!

Sure as hell wouldn't be like this if women were in charge.
(Was reading other blogs - depressing!)


There was a time when sitting on my butt, wasting away the day seemed like heaven.  Now I've got it, I've changed my mind....

Think I'll go play squash.

That'll get me off my arse.  The housework just ain't doin' it for me.


When her mother has vacated the chair, my three year old granddaughter moves in for a conspiratorial whisper on Skype  "I'm sorry Nana, mummy's been f****n me around".   Just gotta smile every time I think of it :)


I may have to concur with Glenn.  I just may have a head full of nonsense.

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