Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Living in Saudi Arabia: What to do?

What to do While Living in Saudi Arabia
I came to the conclusion that, since I moved to Saudi Arabia, I spend hours wasting time on the internet. Mostly on Facebook. Mostly playing games. I also decided that such time wasting has to stop but then what do I do? I have to do something.

Being a kept woman in Riyadh, one of Saudi Arabia's larger cities, has it's good side - I don't have to go to work.  But after living here for 3 months, I've discovered that filling ones time with meaningful activity can be challenging. Stories about Riyadh being the most boring city in the world have, to date, kept my butt sunk into my chair.

I don't have young children to run around after - my 'baby' will be 25 this July.  I don't have family to go and annoy - it's just my husband and me.  And I'm not sure that making new friends from the myriad expats in this city can be classed as a real activity.  Granted it's a necessity if I don't want to wallow in complete isolation, but when the husband comes home at the end of the day and says "What did you do today?"  Does "had coffee with some new peeps" qualify as legitimate activity?

My laptop looks at me everyday.
Our internet connection is excellent. It seems a waste not to use it. But sitting on my derriere for 5 hours straight playing Zoo is not good. So I decided to limit my dose of Facebook and do something else.  (Actually, I contemplated deactivating my zoo....but decided that was a very desperate measure and would only happen as a last resort).

So, what to do?
Blogging of course.
What about?
Living in Saudi Arabia of course! That's not time wasting is it?

I can let friends and family know what I'm up to. I can let wannabe Riyadh expats get an idea, from a Kiwi non-working female perspective, of what life is like in Saudi.  And as I currently keep a diary of sorts anyway, why not move my 'what I did today in Riyadh' notes to a blog spot?  And if you want to contact me about my new lease on Middle Eastern life, drop me a line via the Contact Kiwi page.

So, welcome to my new lease on Saudi life. I hope you enjoy my future posts about a Kiwi Living in Saudi Arabia: What to do?

Ka Kite,

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